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About Good Eye Deer

Custom-built campaigns

Good Eye Deer is a team of producers and commercial advertisers led by Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley. Based in Newcastle, NSW, we have helped a range of national brands and not-for-profits grow their businesses through emotive commercials and advertising campaigns.

Previous clients have included The Salvation Army, Lions Australia, Toys R Us, SafeWork NSW, WorldFirst, to name a few.

We now offer an end-to-end solution to help businesses grow their revenue predictably. We help clients differentiate themselves from the competition and build them video-centric, online marketing campaigns that attract their ideal customers and create predictable streams of income.

Lions Australia saw a 100% Increase in subscriptions (from $500K to $1M pa) for ALCCRF, their Children’s Cancer Research Foundation

The Evolution Of Us

Good Eye Deer started life as a video production company. Our love for stories that connect people (that emotionally engage and inspire them) is what drives us even today. But making stories was not enough. We wanted to make sure they found their audiences and did their magic.

As communication specialists, our step into online video marketing has been a natural one. There has always been a gap between creative and marketing agencies, which has meant that even brilliant creative can falter because it doesn’t reach its market. Our online commercial campaigns fill that gap. 

We’ve always been result-driven. Now we can not only produce content and campaigns, we can manage their implimentation to make sure they get the results they are capable of.

Good Eye Deer owners, Gavin Banks and Olivia Olley pictured in The Production Hub, their studio in Newacstle, NSW.